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Scary Cat Romper

Scary Cat Romper

$14.99 $34.99

Feline Cuteness Overload! Introducing the new, "Scary Cat Romper," available now at Lulubye. This scary-cat-inspired romper is perfect for lounge wear and play wear for your baby to relax and have fun. Keep your baby fresh and fly for their friends & family. Available in sizes 0-18 months.

Additional Details:

Note: Before purchasing your rompers, check these sizes and recommendations.

1 Inch = 2.54 

Size Chart:

Size                     Length                            Bust                           Shoulder                            Sleeve
(0-6M)       Length:54cm/21.25"     Bust:25cm/19.68"     Shoulder:20cm/7.87"    Sleeve:25cm/9.84"
(6-12M)       Length:58cm/22.83"     Bust:26cm/20.47"     Shoulder:21cm/8.26"     Sleeve:26cm/20.47
(12-18M)    Length:62cm/24.40"     Bust:27cm/21.25"     Shoulder:22cm/8.66"      Sleeve:27cm/21.25"
(18-24M)     Length:64cm/25.19"     Bust:28cm/22.04"     Shoulder:23cm/9.05"      Sleeve:28cm/22.04"

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