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Crazy Little Thing...Called Me Romper

Crazy Little Thing...Called Me Romper

$17.99 $45.99

Call Me Crazy! Introducing the new, "Crazy Little Thing...Called Me Romper," available now at Lulubye. This precious romper is perfect for the darling babies who bring attention to their crazy fans! Great everyday wear for the babies to relax and have fun. Keep the babies fresh and fly for their friends & family. Available in sizes 0-12 months.

Additional Details:

Color: Grey

Package: Includes 1 Romper 

Material: Cotton/Short-Sleeve

Additional Details:

Note: Before purchasing your rompers, check these sizes and recommendations.

1 Inch = 2.54 

Recommend Size           Length                 Bust           Shoulder
       0-3 Months                16.92"                 19.68"           8.66"
       4-6 Months                18.11"                   20.86"          9.05"


       7-9 Months                19.29"                  21.65"           9.44"


      10-12 Months            20.47"                   22.04"           9.84"    

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