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Bloom Jacket Bibs (Strawberry)

Bloom Jacket Bibs (Strawberry)


Spill Be Gone! Introducing the new "Bloom Jacket Bibs" available now at Lulubye. Forget the juice spills or the spaghetti stains, dinner tabs will be messy-free for your baby! This full-torso bib will protect and cover the chest and arms of your little one. Convenient & easily-washable, these plastic bibs can be snatched on the back the neck with Velcro and place his/her arms easily. Available in 12 styles.

Additional Details:

Materials: Acetate/Polyester

Weight: 0.11 lbs

Bib Size: Sleeve Length 15.5 inches

                Length: 16.33 inches

                Chest: 13.5 inches x 2

Gender: Unisex

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